Sassaia: innovation that respects tradition.

About Us

The Sassaia winery is in Capriata d’Orba (AL), Upper Monferrato Piedmont. Our name means “rock bed” and reflects our vineyard composition due its geological history as a marine basin. Our logo recalls the elegant Seahorse. On this rich mineral composition, Sassaia cultivates and vinifies indigenous and international grape varietals. Our production style employs an innovative twist on tradition which blends the best practices of Burgundy, Piedmont terroir, and minimalist intervention guided by science and technology. “We believe winemaking begins in the vineyard and requires delicate hand harvest in small crates that prevent berry crushing, permit chilling on the stem, and hand cluster sorting for gentle delivery to the press, or destemmer, without relying on corkscrew mechanics. The soft pressing is moved to tank via peristaltic pump to reduce stress and oxidation. Juice is introduced to barrel via gravity for low temperature slow natural fermentation. Science and technology serve as our guide to feed fermentations, monitor aging and reduce racking. Solar powered temperature-controlled environments provide optimal conditions for fermentation and aging.” Sassaia is SQNPI certified for its sustainable practices in the vineyard and cellar. The producer Enrico de Alessandrini is a graduate of the University of California Davis school of enology two-year Wine Certification Program. Enrico is grateful to be an Italian American sharing his passion for producing wines from Piedmont with private connoisseurs and Michelin-starred restaurants in the USA and EU. The winery’s pursuit of excellence has been recognized by Flastaff magazine for their DERTHONA Platinum which was awarded second best white wine of Piedmont in 2021.