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Our lands, our vineyards, our grapes, our wine, benefit from Eco-friendly practices passed through 50 years of family traditions and from learning efficient modern techniques. Respect for nature is a continuous dialogue, focusing on sustainability through the use of good practices: natural fertilizers, manual harvesting, renewable energy, and reduced gas emissions.
Our wine: is fruit of the earth. Our resources: sunlit southeasterly and southwesterly vineyards, gentle slopes, Mediterranean Sea breezes, snowy winters, rich limestone, and red marine clay all contribute to a natural remineralization process.

Our indigenous antique vines benefit from our practice: pruning that does not overturn the natural process of cluster growth, limited use of fertilizers and judicious use of biological pesticides. Our manual harvest, conscientious wine-making, and sustainable practices craft high quality artisanal wines for your enjoyment.
Our recipe for success in an ancient art form: passion for our history with a never-ending desire to look at the new with real curiosity and genuine interest. We love what we do, because it is the result of our journey.


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