January 8

SASSAIA: sorso solari, setosi, scintillanti. By Elvia Gregorace


Elvia Gregorace ENGLISH Translation of SASSAIA: sorso solari, setosi, scintillanti. By Elvia Gregorace:  www.iltritagonista.com

The first archaeological traces in the Piedmont region date back to the Neolithic period, the name of which means at the foot of the mountains. Rich region that over the years has been able to assert itself especially from the wine-growing point of view. There are several areas devoted to the cultivation of the vine which remains the Italian flagship. Sinuous hills, natural glimpses that dream of divine power, an enviable variety of grapes. There are numerous wineries that produce Nebbiolo, the undisputed pharaoh, known throughout the world, over which generations of winemakers have discussed, quarreled, creating real trends of thought. In recent years, a white grape variety has established itself becoming a real antagonist of Cortese: Timorasso. A bunch from the province of Alessandria, with a low production, forgotten for years, today it is back in the limelight thanks to its discrete predisposition to aging, structure and good freshness.

Among the producers stands out the Sassaia winery in Capriata d’Orba (AL), headed by an attentive and scrupulous Enrico de Alessandrini with our own principles and a cosmopolitan vision. He has created a veritable oasis of identifiable wines in the influence of the American avant-garde, the French knowledge of Pierre Naigeon, fifth generation producer of Gevrey Chambertin in Burgundy and consultant, the soil and the Italian climate. A reality that breathes internationality.

The name sassaia derives from the presence of stones in the area that appears kissed by the sun, caressed by the wind and seems to take Enrico back to a hidden, childish dimension in which to demonstrate his artistic skills, given that he spends part of the year in America. He transforms it into an Italian painter who draws from the palette to draw the Timorasso Derthona Colli Tortonesi 2021 still to be bottled, a privilege to sip it. A straw yellow color invests the nostrils with notes of white peach, soft daisy, lemon peel that materialize in the mouth, leaving a long and satisfying sapid trail. An infanticide, given the young age of a foal that kicks and promises well. More extroverted on the nose is the 2020 vintage with its precious color. Apricot, honey, walnut husk, yellow plum, puffs of saffron caress the palate like a lemon cream. Both tastings walk on a soft carpet of kerosene.

The nose and mouth of Chardonnay 2021 are perfectly matched by fermentation in wood. A seductive bite of unripe Abate pear, lime, lemongrass, herbaceous notes such as sage and eucalyptus generate a refined taste from which you would never stop drinking.

The Alfa Rosè 2021 (100% Nebbiolo) with peach pink nuances that stops only in steel is a discovery. Pomegranate, lychee, currants dance like the Hours described in the poem All’amica risanata by Ugo Foscolo on a tapestry of black cherry leaves. Freshness is the key word.

Dolcetto 2021 is the emblem of those who know how to produce οἶνος. A garnet red that embraces both steel and wood draws expressive arches on the glass that tinge a hill with garnet scents of turmeric, black pepper, morello cherry, humus, freshly cut grass. In the mouth the tannins are very soft, a velvet caresses the surface in a harmonious and intoxicating way. Chic.

The Monferrato Rosso 2021 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Syrah) with tempting and purple nuances grants a generous bouquet of cloves, cigar box, coffee powder, coriander, leather. Lacquered tannins, ideal companions for a good meal, reinvigorate the taste.

Sassaia has the ability to excite, create, entice … Steel, wood and amphora are used in a superb way. Clean sips, harmony and balance are the foundations of a winery with a rosy and fruitful future.

Sassaia… Sunny, silky sips. Sassaia a jump, a challenge to a sparkling unknown …

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